We offer a suite of Product Solutions that make business process management easier and key tasks more efficient to execute.

Our decades of experience have allowed us to identify common needs across management and staff. We have developed Product Solutions, from intuitive reporting dashboards to digital approval tools, that help automate common tasks, reducing time spent on process and records management.


A simplified interface available on desktops and mobile devices, inReach streamlines and simplifies your document management processes. We’ve taken the complexity out of HPE CM and created a simple easy-to-use interface focusing on the key functions that staff need to perform their daily document and records management operations.

By delivering automation and simplifying the key tasks, inReach helps you to drive EDRMS adoption across the enterprise, and to accelerate your decision-making by shifting your manual, paper-based processes onto the digital highway.


Now you can:

  • Automate your document & process approvals
  • Enjoy end-to-end process visibility
  • Facilitate digital workplace transformation
  • Empower your workforce with mobility
  • Maximise collaborative productivity
  • Drive user adoption of your EDRMS
  • Achieve compliance across the enterprise


inReach Mobile is a simple to use, intuitive Touch-enabled application that can be accessed via mobile phones, android tables, iPads and from any PC via a web browser. It is designed to give busy executives remote access to inReach anytime, anywhere – while they are on the move.


You will be able to:

  • Remotely access information captured and managed by inReach
  • Review metadata, notes and actions, including graphical representations
  • View and edit electronic documents
  • Approve documents that are in a workflow process
  • Reassign tasks and approvals
  • Complete workflow tasks, add notes and save


Evolved from Informotion’s award winning eApproval application and delivered through inReach, our Process application allows organisations to efficiently automate paper approval processes using a simple, easy-to-use interface. With a few minutes of setup time, a manual paper approval process that once took weeks can now be delivered electronically, drastically reducing end-to-end turnaround time.

Once digitised, an electronic approval process can be viewed and managed in real time, providing managers with clear visibility of who is performing any task and where it sits within the process timeframe. Importantly the process can now be delivered to mobile devices so that stakeholders can review, edit and approve on the move, meeting the demands and benefiting from the efficiencies of a mobile workforce.




Key features & benefits

  • Digitisation of any paper approval process using a single/simple easy-to-use dashboard
  • Dynamic approval process creation and management including automated document population based on templates
  • Simple approval management on desktop or mobile devices
  • Digital signature facilitation meeting mandated standards
  • Built-in dashboard KPI workflow status visualisation (Current, Pending, Completed, Cancelled and Custom)
  • Automated access control and security management
  • Complete end-to-end process auditability


Eliminating hours wasted in creating reports, our Reporting solution facilitates the dynamic visualization of metadata stored in HPE CM. By transitioning paper-based approvals to Process, additional metadata can be captured and reported, providing greater insight and improved control over the creation of information and its flow throughout the enterprise.

Created once, customised reports can be displayed to stakeholders via a web browser, allowing up-to-date reporting from your HPE CM information delivered through your own report visualisation tools, PowerBI or our own report interface.

Key features & benefits

  • Create reports from metadata – stored in HPE CM
  • Reports are automatically updated and always relevant
  • Deliver reports through a web interface using report visualisation tools delivered in a Web Browser

Case Studies

    The customer A government ‘one-stop shop’ services prov...
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Informotion’s Integration Import Engine enables HPE CM to be the golden source of user data (internal and external) to automatically create and maintain locations, security and creation of corporate information. Spend more time on data quality and with your customers, and less time maintaining HPE CM by importing data.

Import Engine works with major systems including Stafflink, SAP, Peoplesoft, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and pretty much any system that generates an export file.