With two top ECM teams united, INFORMOTION is now in a league of its own

ECM specialist INFORMOTION has just become the largest Micro Focus Secure Content Management Solutions partner in the world – with more consultants in more places across Australia than any other.

The company has broadened its horizons after assimilating the highly sought-after sales & consulting team that was famously established and successful as Alphawest. Looking for optimal customer service continuity and professional stimulus, this group identified INFORMOTION as the perfect home.

“It’s a proud lineage and a powerful pedigree,” says CEO Jesse Todd. “With this move, we’ve become the world’s largest and most accomplished Micro Focus Content Manager solutions provider with a consulting team that is second to none. That was our goal when we first established this business. And now that it’s on the scoreboard, we’re racing towards our next goal – taking our highly innovative ECM solutions to the cloud to help customers meet their digital workplace strategies.

Augmenting its own strong, multi-city ECM skills and resources, the move will boost the company’s capabilities and credentials in Sydney, Canberra and Brisbane – and especially Melbourne. “With Informotion’s added skills and strengths, we’re excited about the extra value we can now offer both our existing customers and new ones,”
says Victorian Sales Manager Andrew Paul. “The culture is all about striving to be the best. Just like our own group, ECM is something Informotion lives and breathes.”

The team members’ transition was finalised on 1 March 2018, and the customers are now novating their contracts to INFORMOTION. “And they will all enjoy a seamless transition into the organisation, with the added benefits that our total Micro Focus commitment and capabilities can offer,” says INFORMOTION Managing Director Deb Dwyer.

The news coincides with the confirmation of INFORMOTION’s formal accreditation as a Micro Focus ‘Platinum Partner’. “It’s a great credit to the team. We’re proud that we can now officially wear the Platinum badge, and achieving this in record time is particularly satisfying,” continues Dwyer. “We’re delighted with the achievements of this business so far, which is a tribute both to our own people and our customers – and we’re even more excited about what the future holds.”

For more: please contact Deb Dwyer on 0421 357 313